Link to appointments (☚ Click here to book your appointment on Alberta Vaccine Booking System, search using our postal code “T1Y 1C1” or alphabetically with Cornerstone Pharmacy)

Update: Jan 23: We are out of stock for Cov19 Rapid test kit. We expect to get more test kits this week(Check back Wednesday 26th). Pfizer vaccine we get a small shipment every week from Alberta Health. We do have stock for Moderna. Even if you have had 2 doses Pfizer, you can still get a booster of Moderna. For those 18-29 years old, you still can get a booster of Moderna. Compared to Pfizer, there is a higher risk of myocarditis (heart inflammation) with Moderna but the risk is still very low(2-17 cases out of 100,000) in either case. You can come as a walk in for Moderna. Please call to confirm. Please use the link above to book. Thanks

IMPORTANT: Please have this form filled out prior to your appointment (if you don’t have a printer, a form will be provided for you on site):