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Update: Great news! We got a big shipment of Pfizer in this week and will be moving to WALK IN PFIZER/no appointment needed as now(Monday July 19)(subject to vaccine availability). We will offer this Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:00pm only. As usual we are offering MODERNA vaccine (same mRNA vaccine as PFIZER, just different company) for those 18+.

Please do not call the store to book an appointment. Send an email or text and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Again, Please DO NOT call the store if you have questions regarding booking or want to book. If you want to book, email us at or send me a text at 587-887-2640(text only, no calls). I won’t be able to reply instantly but I can definitely help.

AstraZeneca 1st dosers: NACI guidelines has indicated it is safe to mix vaccine types (1st dose AZ, 2nd dose Pfizer or Moderna). The interval between the doses should be 8 weeks (56 days) according to the study that NACI used. Eg. If you got your first AZ shot in early April you qualify to get your Pfizer shot early June.

IMPORTANT: Please have this form filled out prior to your appointment (if you don’t have a printer, a form will be provided for you on site):